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Playing with sound: Learn how to make music using Ableton with Ana

2024-01-16 18:30 - 2024-02-20 20:00 @ Music Broth (South)

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Playing with sound: Learn how to make music using Ableton with Ana

Are you intrigued to learn how to make music using your laptop? Have you ever opened Ableton and felt completely overwhelmed and freaked out by it? Have you tried learning to produce music and ended up watching 732653 intense YouTube videos ending up more confused?

A six week intro to music production, part of our Music Broth #ShiftThePower programme.

All #ShiftThePower workshops are free, and targeted towards women, non-binary and gender expansive persons interested in music. To join the programme and request your access code for these workshops please complete our programme form at

About the workshops

My relationship with sound and music is influenced by everything I've heard, and so is yours! These workshops are designed to be fun and collaborative. We all understand things in our own unique way. I want to bring queerness into my teaching practice as well as feminist methodologies to create a playful and informal space for learning. You will not only learn from me but from everyone else participating and yourself as well. I hope you can join me in this sonic experiment!

Making music is a creative process, but learning how to use Ableton or other software can end up being really technical, deterministic and confusing, hindering our creativity. The priority of these workshops is to harness that creativity and help you feel confident in experimenting and playing with sounds, with Ableton as the tool to apply that to.

While the goal of these workshops is to learn how to make music using Ableton, learning to listen is essential to this. Through games, group activities, sound walks and more, we will explore sound together in a fun way and apply this knowledge in Ableton and beyond.

Tues 16th January - Tues 20th February 2024

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Venue: Music Broth (South)


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